Village Cafe opens, The Hale Grill closes, Terence Paul is relocating

The Hale Grill has now closed down and is being refurbished into a new restaurant. The Hale Grill was a nice restaurant with a handy bar for drinks - whether the new restaurant will have a bar or just be a restaurant we don't know yet. The new place is going to be called the Cote Brasserie and is due to open in January 2017. Here is a picture of the refurbishment:

Cote Brasserie Hale Village

Cafe Gourmand, a cafe on Ashley Road in Hale has now been taken over and is now called the Village Cafe.

Village Cafe in Hale Village

Lloyds Bank in Hale Village has now closed down, and in its place is a new store being refurbished by Terence Paul hairdressing - who are already based in Hale but currently located towards the train station end of Ashley Road.

Terence Paul Refurbishment in Hale Village