Business Coaching Course for PR and Marketing

The Business Coaching Course - it's a book jam packed with exercises to help you promote your business. In 18 easy-to-follow lessons, it guides you through how to do your PR and Marketing in-house.

About the Business Coaching Course book by Alex Remizo

The fast-track coaching course book was developed by business experts and with input from
Manchester journalists and television industry. From press releases to adverts, sales
pitches to seminars, you'll come away from every lesson with skills and information
specific to improving your business success. To make it easier for you to make an informed
decision, a short summary of what the book does is provided here.

The Business Coaching Course will:
-Create sales pitches
-Formulate press releases
-Generate business news
-Analyse your business

And we develop the information for:
-Quality Press Releases
-Business conferences
-Media appearances and press interviews

The fast-track course gives managers, directors, and employees the resources to:
-Gain more media coverage
-Build brands quickly and effectively
-Become the brand persona
-Achieve greater returns on advertising campaigns

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Price: £29.99

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