Altrincham 10k Run 2023 with Photos and a Video

It's 9:45am and we're standing on the pavement of Grove Lane, which is a long road in Hale (in an area known as Wellgreen). We're situated at the bend on Grove Lane near the botton of Carlton Road. At 9:52am the first runner arrives and passes by, continuing to the finish line about 2km away in Altrincham town centre. He's going very fast even though he's run nearly 8km at this point. Below is a photo of the leader of the race who was way out in front of everyone else:

Then over the next hour hundreds of runners pass by. All up and down Grove Lane the residents stand outside their houses clapping and giving shouts of encouragement such as "Well done!" and "Nearly there!". Some of the runners thank the residents for the support by saying "Thanks!" or giving a thumbs up.

Also taking part in the race were 3 people dressed as superheroes - a Batman, an Incredibles and a Wonderwoman. There was even an 85 year old lady, called Barbara Thackray raising money for St. Ann's Hospice.

It was a fun day for all. Below you can view a video of the event on Grove Lane. In the sound you can hear both the footsteps of the runners and the clapping of the spectators (including a nearby child who was shaking a tambourine).

Next is a selection of photos:

The photo below is of the runners near the front.

The next photos are around the middle of the race at about 10:30am. Altogether there were around 1500 people taking part.

The photo below is of the final two runners and the backmarker.