Local author writes book costing less than a pint of beer - providing tips and advice for university students

Alexis Manhattan, the life coach and author from Altrincham, has released a new and updated edition of his book titled "Alex's University Tips" with subtitle "What students need to know to make the most of university".

The author says:

"I created the book so it includes only the very important tips and advice students need to make the best of university. It gets straight to the point and, unlike other books, isn't filled out with chapters of recipies or how to apply to university."

"I did a lot of research and asked a large number of students what they wish they had known in first year. Also, I have a unique insight because I started university twice - once in Sheffield where I successfully completed the first year, then I changed courses and got my 3 year degree at the University of Manchester in Physics with Business and Management."

"The book costs less than a pint of beer, yet gives the reader the opportunity to make a big positive difference to their university experience. It benefits the most those students starting university, however it is also very useful for first years as well."

Where can I buy it?
The book is available to buy online direct from https://www.alexismanhattan.com

How much does it cost?
A bargain at £4.99 including free postage.