Grove Lane in Hale Resurfacing with Photos and a Video

Finally - Grove Lane in Hale, which became well known as that road with all the potholes, has been resurfaced. It's a busy road connecting Hale to Wythenshawe, and provides access to the school, Post Office and other businesses in the Wellgreen area.

In the last month Liberal councillors have been going door to door speaking to residents and dropping leaflets claiming that they were responsible for campaigning to have it resurfaced. Also in the last month, Conservative councillors have also been going door to door speaking to residents and claiming they were responsible for listening to the public and for the resurfacing.

I don't know who was responsible for making the resurfacing happen, but what I did see was - on the first day of resurfacing Conservative councillor Dylan Butt was tirelessly working to find the owner of a Toyota which had parked half on the pavement - in the way of the workmen (see pictures below). He was also there all day until the afternoon making sure everything was running smoothly.

While on the first day (Monday 10th Deccember) the workmen were taking off the existing surface, on the second day (Tuesday 11th December) they put down the new tarmac. On Tuesday the morning they put down one half of the new tarmac surface, in the afternoon they put down the other half. By 5pm on Tuesday afternoon the cones were removed and the road was opened.

See the video and pictures below of the workmen doing the resurfacing.

Below is a video of the machinery taking off the road surface.

Next is councillor Dylan Butt trying to find the owner of the Toyota parked half on the pavement.

Below is the tarmac being poured out of a tipper truck into the machine that lays the tarmac surface.

Here are the rollers compacting and smoothing the surface.

The new road surface finished on Tuesday afternoon.

The road surface is finally painted on Wednesday morning.