King Charles Coronation parties in Hale

The King's Coronation was held on the 6th of May 2023. On the 7th May 2023 there were Coronation street parties held across Manchester. The first one that visited was on Woburn Drive in Hale. There was music, a cupcake stall, tombola and book fair.

Coronation Street Party on Woburn Drive in Hale

The second street party we visited was on Ashley Road in Hale Village. Tables with seats lined the road, with many of the stores selling food and drink from stalls along the pavement. There was a stage with singers at the Hale Station end, while a sound system was playing music at the Park Road end. It was the busiest we've ever seen Hale - it took a few minutes to navigate the crowd and walk the length of the street party. As a result we only managed to get one photo showing how many people there were.

Coronation Street Party on Ashley Road in Hale